Donna "Dolly" Dixon

Emergent Female Sociopathic Thug


Trouble Aspect

Don’t touch my stuff or I will cut you.


Trust no one – People just suck!
Survive anywhere
Scrounger Extraordinaire


Great (4) Fight
Good (
3) Athletics, Provoke
Fair (2) Physique, Burgulary, Stealth
Average (
1) Will, Decieve, Notice, Lore (New Orleans)

Stunts (Refresh of 3)

Hardcore Parkour +2 to overcome Athletics
Always a Way Out +2 Burgulary
Tough as Nails: Pay a FATE point to reduce severity of consequences.



Physical Description

5’2" 124 lbs has black hair in a pixie cut, blue eyes and pale complexion.

A Little Background About Dolly

Dolly was incarcerated at the Bridge City Center for Youth after she injured two classmates who were alledgely bullying her. While there she learns street survival coping strategies. Then when people were starting to get sick with the “Pacific Flu” a crisis develops at the Youth Center and she makes her escape in the Chaos.

While she is on the lam she attempts to rob a local Brother’s Food Mart for food only to be bitten by the Infected and she then collapses. She then awakes on the USNS COMFORT.

Dolly is scrounging for food in the COMFORT’s galley when she is nearly impaled by an improvised spear from another survivor. Dolly springs away and flees but is eventually found by Shannon Powers who makes her an ally. Together they explore the COMFORT.

As the survivors they move through the abandoned hospital ship and they find out that Dolly is small and has a knack for finding things that are hidden and hard to get.

Donna "Dolly" Dixon

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