Yokashima Testuro

Otaku Tourist Caught in New Orleans during the Outbreak


Trouble Aspect

Why can’t anyone speak a reasonable language like — Japanese


Where am I?
Need my Tech – What do you mean we have no power?
Unecessarily lecherous


Great (4) Investigate
Good (
3) Contacts, Lore (Wikipedia)
Fair (2) Empathy, Notice, Will
Average (
1) Athletics, Decieve, Physique, Stealth

Stunts Refresh 3

Eavesdropper +2 on all Notice Rolls involving hearing
Rumormonger +2 on all Decieve Rolls
Specialist (Computer Hacking)


Tetsuro is 15-year old from Osaka, Japan is one of the Otaku or numerous “fanboys” of Japanese culture. He is in New Orleans for the first time primarily at the behest of parents who did not want him to grow up with a computer monitor attached to his face and a smartphone to his ear.

As a result the whole family came to New Orleans to take in the culture of the city and to see something that wasn’t “typical” of America. They got more than they bargained for when they finally arrived at the Louis Armstrong Airport and Testuro collapsed on the toilet in Men’s Room of the airport.

Like so many people that day he was sent to Tulane Medical Center where he was diagnosed with having the Pacific Flu (the H7D3 Virus). However unlike his parents who were also exposed and died from the aerosol expression of the virus; Testuro was given an experimental vaccine and shipped to the USNS COMFORT where he lapsed into a coma.

After awaking in a ward surrounded by dead bodies, Testuro’s only thought was to get back to his laptop, tablet and smartphone (in that order) to reconnect with his friends in Osaka and find out what was really going on.

He has been wandering the wards of a powered down hospital ship to find a working terminal. When the rest of the party does find him he is hunkered over and antiquate computer terminal trying desperately to get it to work. Along the way he meets Dolly and she brings him back to the rest of the survivors.

Testuro has found himself surrounded by “beautiful” American Women, however his social graces leaves much to be desired as he attempts to catch female members of the group in various states of undress.

Yokashima Testuro

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