Shannon "Vixen" Powers

Adventurous pilot crashes into the Zombie Apocalypse.


Shannon Powers

Trouble Aspect

Trigger happy- may react badly if startled.


Enjoys exploring the edges of the envelope, both physically and personally.
Flexible and adaptive- A survivor.
Helps the weak and innocent where ever she finds them.


Great (+4): Pilot

Good (3): Fight, Shoot
Fair (
2): Notice, Physique, Motorcycle
Average (+1): Will, Provoke, Athletic, Rapport

Stunts (Refresh of 3)

Danger Sense: Notice not impeded by conditions when someone intends harm.
Indomitable: +2 to defend against Provoke attacks related to Intimidation and Fear.
Striking Looks: +2 to Rapport to overcome a subject

Physical Stress: 123

Mental Stress: 123



5’9”, 130 lbs., white-blonde hair cut very short, almond-shaped green eyes, bronze complexion, athletic build with a generous bosom, husky voice.

(Played by Michael Scott)

Shannon M. Powers grew up in Los Angeles, California. She was a tomboy and very athletic and adventurous. She fell in love with flying at the age of fourteen and would sneak off from school to go to John Wayne Airport where she would do anything for a ride in an airplane. Shannon blossomed into a bosomy beauty and aware of how her looks could affect guys, she began to trade dates for flying lessons. She even forged her parents’ signatures to get her student pilot’s license and managed to solo before they inevitably found out. Darlene and Larry Powers (academics at UCLA) reacted by sending their wayward daughter off to boarding school in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Shannon became a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol and enthusiastically worked her way up to Cadet Colonel before she graduated. With a legitimate degree (Aeronautical Engineering), Shannon started working for Virgin America, eventually becoming a co-pilot for commuter flights. When an opening appeared for Virgin Atlantic out of New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong International, the young pilot jumped at the chance. In between airline flights around the country and across to Europe, Shannon hooked back up with the Civil Air Patrol, joining the Billy Mitchell Senior Squadron based at Lakefront Airport in New Orleans.

When the ‘Pacific Flu’ pandemic began its tidal wave assault across the world, the USAF activated the local CAP units in an attempt to spot and map disease vectors from the safety of the sky. Lieutenant Shannon Powers donned her flight suit and was aloft every day, accompanied by a cadet observer. As the situation deteriorated into total chaos and destruction, she had a ring-side seat. With all of the airlines grounded, Lt. Powers devoted her full time to her CAP duties, flying reconnaissance and courier missions around the Gulf Coast. Despite the growing evidence that mankind was being threatened with extinction, Shannon continued her duties right up to loss of Keesler AFB and the Seabee NCBC base in Gulfport. After her crash and rescue, she was taken to the USNS Comfort anchored in the middle of the Mississippi River in New Orleans. There Shannon was injected with an experimental vaccine created to combat the H7D3 virus. She was one of the extremely small percentage who survived.

Shannon "Vixen" Powers

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