Zeke - Beta

Not so Typical Swarm Goon


Zeke is standard member of the Zombie population. Whatever he/she did in life before being infected no longer matters.

Betas are non-aggressive victims of the H7D3 virus. In comparison to the Alpha which are aggressive hunters and can spread instances of the virus. Betas are the result of the H7D3 virus that has run its course.

As a result they still have no memories of what they did in a prior life. They are healthy and are non-carriers of the virus. The only lingering aspect is the fact that all Betas captured in the field are of low intelligence much like a child or a person with a several mental defect.

Betas have been observed making nests to protect them from the elements much like higher primates. They also seem to collect objects to which they covet.

Fate Stats

Skills: Fight +1, Stealth +4

Aspects: Flee than Fight, Nesting, Trainable

Physical Stress 4

Special Notes: Male and Female Betas have been known to breed. However it is not known how their offspring is affected by the H7D3 virus.


Zeke - Beta

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