Zombies are humans who have completely succumbed to blood-expression of the H7D3 Virus The H7D3 Virus (Pacific Flu).

The Infested are typically nude, feral humans that will attack anything on sight.

Due to the rapid spread of the virus which caused a global pandemic, the majority of survivors of the H7D3 Virus are the Infested while the rest of the uninfected humanity are part of huge sailing communities are in secure locations.


Most the Infested still have the same general layout of organs as their orginal human counterparts. Thus anything that will kill a human will kill a Zombie.

Zombies have the normal strength and speed of human at running speeds. However due to their single-minded nature they are resistant pain, have an unnatural endurance and can be hard to kill.


All the Infected are essentially the same age as there were before succumbing to the virus. Some encounters have been with Zombies that were children before the infection and or among the elderly.

To date there have been no reports of pregnant Zombies or Zombie infants among the swarms.


Zombies are carnivores. Thus they will hunt anything that moves. Reports from Wolf Squadron indicated that large vessels filled with hundreds of the Infested would ignore common sense and hurl themselves towards approaching vessels in search of a meal. Despite the fact that they cannot swim.

As a result large ships also have large schools of sharks surrounding them also has Zombies available for food.


The Infected do not wear clothes, as the host succumbs to his feral nature he/she will remove clothing (by ripping them off of their bodies). Some individual have been found with body armor which is assumed that they cannot remove them.

The Infested are drawn to anything that may seem like food to them. Thus they notice movement, hear noises and perhaps react to smell if as a well to garnish attention.

Zombies will hunt in large groups. Thus if there is a large enough source of food they will seek it. A common tactic is for Zombies to charge and overwhelm any fortification despite any losses on their side.

Zombies also enter a “feeding frenzy” similiar to that of sharks. Especially if there is shortage of food in the area. Most will fight to eat thus many of the Infected also have many wounds and scars from these encounters. During these same encounters the Zombies will also enter mating frenzies despite the gender of the participant.


When Zombies are in a situation where no food is present most will enter into a state of suspended animation to conserve energy until a source of food becomes available. Wolf Squadron has reported that areas thought to be empty of the Zombie threat would encounter mass hordes of emaciated but fully functional Zombies.


Early reports of the outbreak indicated that due to the feral nature of the Infested that they do not organize. Reports from Wolf Squadron seem to indicate that these reports are wrong. The Zombies do loosely organize into packs when they swarm.

Alphas are the most donminant Zombies. They are rabid and feral and absolutely fearless. In short they seem define the behavior of the Infested.

Betas are exceedingly rare, those encountered have been female and use covert tactics to sneak up and attack prey. As a rule they practice non-avoidance.

Finally there are Omegas who seem to be the rank and file of most swarms. Most are led by Alphas. Omegas tend to follow Alphas to the nearest prey source only to compete for it when there is feeding to be done.


There is no known cure for H7D3 virus. Once a person has been turned into a Zombie they cannot be reverted back.


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